Early Years

Private, voluntary and independent nurseries (PVIs) and childminders need specialist training, suited to their unique role working with children in the Early Years. I provide tailored training and support to help them to ensure the safety of the children in their care.

Training - PVIs

I understand how difficult it can be to arrange for staff to attend training off-site. All of the training I deliver is brought to you and delivered at a time convenient to you and your staff.

Training for Early Years available to book now

  • In-house safeguarding training for all staff
  • In-house Designated Safeguarding Lead refresher training
  • Bespoke training on topical safeguarding issues (e.g. Fabricated or Induced Illness)

Policies and Review - PVIs

I will visit your setting for a full day, speaking to all key stakeholders, observing practice and reviewing key policies relating to safeguarding. I will provide an extensive report highlighting areas of good practice and areas for development within 10 days of the review.

Do you work for a Local Authority?
Local Authorities can commission So Safeguarding for training or reviews for their early years settings. At a Local Authority level, I can deliver safeguarding training to PVIs and Childminders, as well as policy support and reviews.

Please get in touch for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your requirements.

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